Heart of a Lion

by Satnam

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"Heart of a Lion" is more than just a record for me: it's a fundamental shift in my core beliefs.

As I enter into a new chapter in my life, I'm taking all the lessons I've learned throughout my years on this planet and continuing to progress further as a human being. Life is too short to be sad, depressed and pessimistic about the cards we're dealt. Play your hand, bluff if you have to. Find a way to make the best of what you have.

It's easy to focus on the negative aspects of life. It's a lot harder to maintain a positive outlook. It requires you to walk into this world with your head up high. It requires you to carry with you the heart of a lion.

Stay true to yourself. Don't let this world break you. Never back down. Experience the warmth that this world has to offer you before it's too late. No remorse, no regrets.

Always remember - you've got the heart of a lion.

Note: I will be donating a portion of sales earned from each purchase of "Heart of a Lion" to charitable causes that deal with suicide prevention, such as To Write Love On Her Arms.


released April 17, 2012

Recorded at Darker Earth Studios (Eric Palma)
Mixed and Mastered by Chance Random
"Change Your Mind" beat by Main Doc
"Stop Cryin' Yo" beat by Blockhead
All Other Beats by Chance Random
Bansuri and Tabla arrangement on "Stop Cryin' Yo"
by Neelamjit Dhillon

Cover Photograph by Jennifer Christine
Artwork Designed by Jason Haniuk


all rights reserved



Satnam California

Satnam is a poet, writer, geek and music aficionado from Los Angeles, CA. He's been writing poetry since the age of 13, and making hip-hop music since he was 16. He put out his first mixtape EP, "The 18th Letter Diaries" in 2010. His follow-up debut release, "Heart of a Lion" will be released on his birthday on April 17th, 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Change Your Mind
Ladies and Gentlemen
You are now in tune to the sounds of the legendary
And I do mean legendary
My name is Satnam and I’ll be your host this evening
I wanna dedicate this one
To every single girl that has ever broken my heart
And let me tell you, there have been plenty

If you change your mind, then we could be just fine
If you change your mind, then we could be just fine
If you change your mind, then we could be just fine
If you don’t, girl, know that I will be just fine

[Verse 1]
Let me preface this verse
And say this ain’t about the alphabet
Or an alpha male, bragging on about how I could get
With any chick, lady luck has always given me The Shaft
I ain’t Richard Roundtree, so when I say my luck’s been bad
I mean bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good
Just a nerdy kid from the burbs, I don’t frequent the hood
I don’t push fancy cars, brag about ice in my bars
Don’t claim to be a rap star, I don’t claim to be hard
Just a mild mannered, heartbroken Clark Kent
But with a pen and paper, Superman, dynamic talent
I am not a challenge, I put myself out for judgement
That’s more than two cents, here's 50, hate it or love it
This a job for the Underdog, in underalls rockin’ a cape
Rakim on tape, Jay on disc, Kurtis Blow on beat breaks
And by breaks I mean the kind that involve your heart
Call me The Scientist, Chris Martin, going back to the start -

[Verse 2]
It was a cold day for Coldplay,
Mumford and Sons "Winter Winds"
Believing that at one point, you would end where I begin
Now I’m a "Little Lion Man", in the city of Zion and
I believe that I’m the ONE in this matrix of fake kids
But in reality I’m an Avatar by the name of Jake
And I’m here today to say I wish to right these mistakes
So, I write these mistakes with some paper and a pen
All I really ever wanted was to be more than just friends
Baby, change your mind, you’re only fooling yourself
If you think you’d find someone like me in somebody else
I know the pieces fit and I’m not out for a piece of it
So believe me, miss
When I say that I’m not some piece of shit
And I’m not to be dismissed,
You'll find out "After The Storm"
"I Gave You All," it wasn’t good enough for you anymore
This is my "White Blank Page," now I can "Sigh No More"
Cause I’ve got the kind of love that you can’t find no more

If you change your mind, then I could wine and dine ya
If you have my back, then I’ll be right behind ya
If you change your mind, then I wouldn’t believe it
See If I could show you, you would never leave it

If you change your mind, then we could be just fine
If you change your mind, then we could be just fine
If you change your mind, then we could be just fine
If you don’t girl, fuck it, I’ll be fine
Track Name: Nice Like That
[Chorus x2]
You know and I know I'm nice like that
You know and I know I'm nice like that
Because you know and I know I'm nice like that
I'm nice like that, I'm nice like that

[Verse 1]
It's ironic that I was once told that I was psychotic
Fought it, can't believe that half of these people bought it
I might be neurotic, less so than an alcoholic
Motor skills, balance - you could say that I lost it
My medicine was the peach Optimos and the chronic
I only smoked the bombest dub sacks, call it Jihadist
My psych(iatrist) was pushing pills, all types of narcotics
And if I signed off on it, those pills would turn me bionic
I don't make a lot of cheddar, if I did, I wouldn't flaunt it
'Cause every chick that I know would probably want it
But, they didn't want me when I was a starving artist
Mo' Money, Mo' Problems - B.I.G. put me on it
I'm not Zach Morris in a popularity contest
I'm more like Screech with a Krusty The Clown complex
In the game of life, I pinch hit - always on deck
Plight of the nice guy, nice try, onto the next

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
Now batting, Number 11, on my way to 7th Heaven
7th inning, bases loaded, [I] got my lucky 7's
By 7 I mean the ones that I sharpie'd on my sneakers
7 is the number - I'm aiming for the bleachers
Dedicated to my teachers who said I would never feature
To every non-believer trying to be my fucking preacher
This is for all the ladies [that] didn't wanna have my baby
Ended up with 7 babies, girl, how [have] you been lately?
Life's a bitch, her name's Karma, I'm Satnam from the Dharma
My initiative? Put a dent inside your armor
Change what you believe in, but my name is not Obama
Polarizing figure, though, that's word to my mama
Save the Drama for your Entourage, that's word to Johnny
And for life I'll be Shining - Here's Johnny!
It's fitting me and my fellow nice guys finish last
That's because the nice guy ALWAYS gets the last laugh

[Chorus 2x]

Because you know and I know I'm nice like that
You know and I know I'm nice like that
Because you know and I know I'm nice like that
I'm nice like that, I'm nice like that

And yo, I groove like that
I'm smooth like that
I jive like that
I roll like that

And I funk like that
I'm phat like that
I'm in like that
Because I'm nice like that

And you know and I know I'm nice like that
Track Name: Stop Cryin' Yo!
Now is the time to get off your back
Now is the time to get on your feet
Now is the time to get off your back
First breath, first step, because you are free

[Chorus x2]

A disease that plagues and takes millions of lives
Each year, they fear, they can no longer survive
(Through) Life's struggles, Welcome to the Jungle
We see Guns N' Roses at the end of the tunnel
Paradise City's found in another dimension
Slit wrist, swift miss; cries for attention
Ignored by the ignorant, deliberate
Belief that the tears we shed are far from legitimate
If you've never had to live it, how could you be a cynic?
Depression is real, it's not something to diminish
Oppression is real, it's not some type of gimmick
Compassion is real, it's time to end this division
Stop the harassment of those who are different
We are all brothers and sisters, Gays and Christians
Cut from the same cloth, we live, love and die
Matt (Fox) said, "My blood is fire and I bleed life"
Your blood is fire, and you bleed life
My blood is fire, and I bleed life
Your blood is fire, and you bleed life
Well our blood is fire, and we bleed life

[Chorus 2x]

Put a finger in the air, if you don't really care
Two fingers in the air, if you've known despair
Put a hand on your chest,
If you know someone who's left
This earth too soon

One finger in the air, if you don't really care
Two fingers in the air, if you've known despair
Put a hand on your chest,
If you know someone who's left
This earth too soon

[Outro - Tablas and Bansuri]
Track Name: Wishing Doll
[Verse 1]
Love-your-life, cause I love mine
Despite the fact that I have yet to find
Someone to spend my nights with, spend my life with
Reach new heights with, I don’t mean get high with
My ideal chick? 5'4", 5'6"
Nice lips, hips, nerdy glasses - both thick
A romantic; hopeless, ladies make me lose focus
Fear’s my opponent, that’s why I don’t approach this
Life is too short, baby, but I’m not from Oakland
So I eat, sleep and repeat like the band Copeland
Fuck a headliner, I’ll be the one that opens
Spend the rest of my night lookin’ for skins, (Rex) Grossman
I’m hollow like a bottle, spirit’s not broken
‘Cause life’s is an arcade, kid you need more tokens
I stay up late nights, trying to write more poems
Since I know I’ll sleep when I’m dead, Clive Owen

This is how I’m livin’ with the life I’ve been given
And I don’t think about what I’m missing
Because this is how I’m livin’ with the life I’ve been given
And I could give a fuck what you’re thinking,

This is how I’m livin’ with the life I’ve been given
And here’s a toast to what you’re drinkin’
Because this is how I’m livin’ with the life I’ve been given
And I could give a fuck what you’re thinking,
Fuck what you’re thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking

[Verse 2]
And I’m thinking, should I or should I not be drinking?
But I’m not thinking, which explains why this ship’s sinking
And I’m not Costeau and I’m not Thoreau
But my words are oceans, see how deep they go
Ground control; Major Tom
The earth’s blue like my mood
And there’s nothing I can do
But live life how I chose to
And I choose to - be a better man
Life’s a game of cards and I won’t fold this hand
Even if I’m on tilt, with an ace up my sleeve
I'll never let another person get the best of me
I will never let another person be the death of me
Only my nerves, that’s what Dallas Green told me
Won’t drink my troubles away, I’ll sing my troubles away
Because when the music hits, (yeah) you feel no pain
Love don’t live here anymore, I know that sounds strange
Don’t bring me your love, cause I don’t wanna wait in vain
Track Name: Last Breath
[Steve Jobs]
Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

It's just "Champagne Wishes, Caviar Dreams"
Washing the slate clean on this New Year's Eve
As we wish for reprieves from all the dirty deeds
Throughout the last year, as we try to believe
A list of resolutions is all that we need
In reality, we're blinded by the lust and the greed
Sorrows drowned in booze and the smoke of the weed
Sin is still sin no matter how it's conceived
Now that this high is achieved, I can activate the
Motivation I need to go out [and] succeed
And accomplish anything, and be the man I can be
Yet it's not so simple, why try and deceive
Our own logical thinking, by thinking that we
Need an arbitrary date to set fate's direction and speed
And redirect it on a path for us to be free
If you wanna be free, listen to your heart, take heed
Make changes today, or any other 'New Day's Eve'
Be the best version of yourself, you gotta trust me
Live a life of honesty, one anyone would wanna lead
Keep a positive attitude, then you will see
The fruits of your labor; savor it, pass it onto your seeds
Life's a struggle, never let the ground meet your knees
March forward through the darkness 'til the sun's within reach
'Cause tomorrow's a new day, appreciate it, indeed

Enjoy this moment, as if this were the last breath you might breathe [4x]

Enjoy this moment, as if this were the last breath you might breathe
Last words you might hear, last thing you might see
You might be thinking life just isn't peachy
And it's a bitter fruit, I ask you to believe me
Believing that we can really achieve things
If we put our minds to it isn't just for when we're dreaming
So dream a little dream, then start seizing
Every single moment - cause your time here's fleeting
Take risks, leaps of faith, be open to receiving
The good and the bad are just lessons for teaching
Experience, period, otherwise you're just cheating
Yourself out of a full life, that's self defeating
Sky is the limit, imagine there's no ceiling
If you love someone, then express your feelings
No words left unsaid, even when you're leaving
Give it your all while your heart's still beating

[Chorus 4x]
Track Name: Heart of a Lion (feat. Chance Random)
[Harmony]: I/You got, I/You got, I/You got the heart of, Heart of, Heart of, Heart of a Lion

[Optimist - Satnam] Chorus:
You say no, and I say yes /
Never say no, ‘cause I know best

[Pessimist - Chance Random] Chorus:
I say no, and you say yes
Still say no, ‘cause I know best

Thank the heavens, I’ve made it past the age of 27
Won’t be joining Jim, Janis or even Mr. Hendrix
Each day I wake’s a blessing, that’s why I’m not stressing
All of the small things, What’s my age again? I’m forgetting
I’ve got a spotless mind, living in Eternal Sunshine
Timing’s everything, not rushing to find Clementine
Searching for a better line, better rhyme to better mine
It’s a better time, fuck trying to bed a dime
No remorse, no regrets, just living for each breath
If it’s the last one I get, I’ll be sure to give it my best
My best is good enough cause that’s what Thom Yorke said
Now It’s time to change the station in my Radiohead
Haven’t been “Let Down” - no expectations, “No Surprises”
Not checking my mirrors for “Karma Police” when I’m driving
(Just) striving for greatness, I consider myself “Lucky”
Got the Heart of a Lion, (these) Wicked Witches can’t touch me

PLEASE, take a step back, reassess.
you shouldn't think you have wings
when you can barely leave the nest/
.. you're just stressed like the rest of 'em.
and when the confession’s done,
you won't think to question 'em./
fuckin' LOSER, you know just what the truth is..
those bullies were all right
even though they're all ruthless./
the puddin's where the proof is,
you're useless, believe that.
anyone with a head on their shoulders can see that/
who's the cynic? bruised ego trippin'
good thoughts? don't listen. play your position./
keep your head down..
i mean the lowest
maybe no one will notice
when you BLOW IT/
because you will..
and you KNOW IT
so don't get your hopes up,
you'll only get 'em broken/
.. to pieces you can't pick up
so if you're down and out..
don't get up.

Everybody plays (the) pessimist,
The weary are restless, so effort always gets bested
..and don't get ahead of yourself
but I don't think any of these lessons would help
So there's nothing you can do but wear your shame like tattoos
And scarlet letters, better do just what you have to
Don't you get it? You should quit it
Admit it, you'd rather hear the bad news

I want you out of my head, cause your baggage is a burden
If this is fight club that makes you Tyler Durden
And I am Jack’s smirking revenge
Cause tonight a Pessimist is gonna meet his end
Your villainous words won’t get under my skin
Muhammad Ali - one to the chin
Down for the count, here’s your bad news
Eternal Optimist, I will not lose