The Pushpa Project

by Satnam

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* What is The Pushpa Project? *

The Pushpa Project is a movement to raise awareness to the issues of female infanticide and female foeticide happening in India -- phenomena collectively known as gendercide. Over the last three decades, India has seen a continuing decrease in child sex ratio, from 945 girls for every 1000 boys in 1991 to 914 girls for every 1000 boys in 2011. To help raise awareness about this growing and alarming issue, we are releasing a four-song EP called The Pushpa Project.

The Pushpa Project EP is a free download, but you are invited to donate any amount you wish to support our efforts 100% of all donations, be it $1 or $100, will be sent to organizations working on the education and rescue efforts of neglected baby girls. These organizations include:

• Unique Home: a center in Punjab, India that looks after unwanted and abandoned newborn girls. These young girls are supported through donations and are cared for by Bibi Prakash Kaur Ji. Learn more about Unique Home at

• Snehalaya: an organization dedicated to developing awareness and capability in members of society who have been deprived of their rights due to inequality and exploitation. Snehalaya works to support and rehabilitate unwed mothers and victim women in order to protect young girls and their futures. Learn more about Snehalaya's “Save The Girl Child” project at

• Invisible Girl Project: an organization whose aim is to raise global awareness surrounding the issue of the loss of female lives in India. Their goal is to pursue justice in India for the lives lost and to assist organizations in the rescue of and care for Indian girls. Learn more about Invisible Girl Project at


released December 17, 2013

"Sunshine" recorded at Darker Earth Studios
"Sunshine" engineered by Chance Random
Beat for "Sunshine" by Chance Random
Viola on "Senseless" by Susannah Plaster

Featured Artists:
Sonia Rao:
Saint Soldier:
Saraswathi Jones:


all rights reserved



Satnam California

Satnam is a poet, writer, geek and music aficionado from Los Angeles, CA. He's been writing poetry since the age of 13, and making hip-hop music since he was 16. He put out his first mixtape EP, "The 18th Letter Diaries" in 2010. His follow-up debut release, "Heart of a Lion" will be released on his birthday on April 17th, 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Sonia Rao - Morning
Morning comes
I don't even know you
I see through it all
It means nothing to you

It's so hard to breathe
So I lay here waiting
Wait forever
Nothing's going to change I see that now

There are no words
You make no sound
They all got swallowed up
I flatten myself to the ground

My body waits
For something more
My skin yells silently
My heart is pounding on the door

I wanted love
I wanted anything but this
Can't even cry
Don't think that I believe it

I felt his gaze
I felt his hands
I saw my sister's face
I saw my father turn away

Soft now
I try to be somewhere else now
There is too much going on now
I escape him but he's always coming back to me

Morning comes
I don't even know you
I see through it all
It means nothing to you

It's so hard to breathe
So I lay here waiting
Wait forever
Nothing's going to change I see that now
Track Name: Satnam* - Sunshine (feat. Sonia Rao)
It was all a dream

50 million girls gone missing
A shameful tradition by the hideous, vicious
Vile, foolish people, a product of ignorance
That remain ignorant to the murder of the innocent
Innocence stolen, all that glitters ain't golden
A golden boy is what they pray they'll be holding
If that ain't the case, there's a few options
Unfortunately, not a single one of them is adoption
Sex determination's illegal, try telling people
You'll find out your efforts remain feeble
It's a genocide, gendercide, try your best to hide
All the blood on your hands, I promise to do the best that I
Can to expose all the holes in your logic
Preconceived notions that are nothing but toxic
You can't silence me, nor ignore the slaughter
Don't kill the messenger, just like they killed our daughters

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
Anytime she goes away

It's simple mathematics, the kind that's tragic
And you can't change it as if it was a bad habit
We don't need economists or mathematicians
To explain why girls in India go missing
It's culture, division, it's a business decision
Baby girls equal an expensive addition
So the quickest solution is to just subtract 'em
And look the other way as if nothing had happened
The perception of women is that they're inferior
And men are superior, am I being clear enough?
So if you have less women and more men
Just imagine the type of things that might happen to them


They rape and pillage all of the girls in my village
And they walk away free becuase the cops are villains
Now instead of bringing shame upon the family name
They self-immolate, asphyxiate or stand in front of a train
Baby girls slain, for those that still remain
They're trafficked, prostituted, at a young age
It sickens me how people cite the scriptures
And believe a cow's life is more sacred than my sisters
Track Name: Saint Soldier - Sister (feat. Sukhraj)
It takes brawn to pull the trigger and brains to know when
My weapon of choice, I take aim with the pen
These words my ammunition, a soldier on the battlefield
I take a shot through your speaker, tell me how'd it feel
Calling all soldiers, forget what they told us
A generation's older, parents can't hold us back
From spitting the truth, are they forgettin the proof
Are they forgetting that we are the unstoppable youth?
Call it rebellion, let em say I'm a hellion
They killin' baby girls at birth, what can I tell ya?
I gotta step in, I gotta go and shake ya
My words are my weapon, let the weight of 'em break ya
Feel the pain that I feel when I hear
That they bury baby girls alive, suck a tear back
Back home in the land I was born in
1984, Saint Soldier was sworn in
I've got a mission as a brother, as a young Sikh
As a lover of humanity, my tongue speaks
And it won't quit 'til my mission is complete
How many words can I fit on this one sheet?

How many words can I fit on this one sheet?
Hey mister, that's my sister
Shoveled in the grave and nobody even kissed her
Hey mister, that's my sister

Kukh vich dhee nu maar den waliye,
Tu rabb kar ke bane na kade maa
Rabb kar ke bane na kade maa

The world's selfish, I cant help it ,
Honestly, it's been a while since i felt this,
Way about the world, wont listen to my sound
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down,
Dhiyaan na maro vayi,
Commiting murder in the womb and getting away,
And when i contemplate the problem, I get to the bottom,
But i find that at the bottom it's awfully rotten,
Cause we have falsified religion, the truth we've forgotten ,
And i will single out a coward as soon as i spot 'em,
Cause you think you have the right to break away at night
To sneak into clinic and to take away a life,
Of an unborn girl, who would have prospered in this world,
I bet she would have loved you, you make me wanna hurl,
The root of the problems, you can't accept what you've gotten,
You cant accept that you brought her,
Into this world she's your daughter, killed by mother and father.
Why? Why do I bother? Lord, help us!
Play the cards that you've dealt us
They want kings every hand it seems,
That doesn't mean they should be killing all the queens,

Sister, sister, I wish I could have saved you
They cut off the umbilical and threw you in the grave, you
Were too young to die, too young, but I
Mourn for all my sisters in case nobody missed ya
It's a shame, you didn't get a name
But you're burning in my heart like a candle flame
Can't handle the pain, but I can hand the blame
To the bullshit culture that pan handles for fame ,
Respect our women, let's love and protect them,
Let's carry the weight and don't let it affect them
When you see somebody mistreat or diss her
You better step in cause she's your sister
Take it from soldier, the community is flawed
And it's time to fight back with unity and brawn
Intellect and the Guru on our side, no lie
We're unstoppable, together, you and I
Stand up my brothers, let's clean up like Pinesol
Society is blind, let's take off the blindfolds
Open up your eyes, it's the reason that I rhyme for
Fight for justice, trust, that's what it's time for but...

Track Name: Saraswathi Jones - Senseless
I read the news today, Allah
It cut to the heart of me, Bhagavan
Oh in their eyes, guru, Waheguru
The question is why, guru, Waheguru
What kind of sick and twisted mind
Well, it's nothing like mine

And I read the news today, Allah
It cut to the heart of me, Bhagavan
Cut by the edge of impunity, child
Don't eat with your hands, we live in the
Lonely land of opportunity, still

This land is your land

Pages are written in languages
They mock as you different, your languages
Best to keep them hidden, your languages
Because they don't understand

I heard the news today
And I read the news today
It's out of the news today